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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On The Outside Looking In

When Riley was born, Pauly was only 15 months old.  A mere baby some would say.  But at the time I didn't think "baby" was the best word to describe him.  He'd always been fascinated by little children and when Riley showed up, his attitude never changed.  He was never jealous or unkind towards her.  It was exactly the opposite.  He loved his little sister to bits and would want her to "play" with him even though she lacked the skills to do so.

As Riley got older and learned to sit, crawl and finally walk, their interactions became more involved.  It sometimes resulted in tears because one had swiped a toy from the other but this was always quickly resolved.  Pauly had learned (with constant reminders from mom and dad) that if he was going to take a toy, he had to give one back.

Fast forward to now.  Pauly is just over 2.5 years old and Riley is 17 months old.  
Pauly has learned to share even when he really doesn't want to.
Riley knows that if she takes without asking she will have to give it back - and she does!
They both have learned to say I'm sorry, please and thank you.
They feed off each other but also rely on each other.
When one is sleeping, the other wants to wake them up.
When one is hurt, the other offers a hug.
If one needs help, the other is there to lend a hand.
They talk to each other and laugh with each other.

It's amazing to watch.  
I'm not sure if it's because they are so close in age or because they have great personalities.

Either way, I often find myself observing them.  Listening in on their conversation.
It fills my heart with the kind of unconditional love that only a parent can feel.
A love that aches and makes your eyes water.
Sheer joy in that moment - and there are lots of them.

A friend once told me that there is no greater love in life than children.
He was right.

Thank you God for Blessing me.
For these once in a lifetime moments.
Thank you for making me a mom.

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