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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boring to Busy

Life has been quite busy these last couple weeks. There have been a few noteworthy events and I've also been trying to catch up on a few loose ends.

As I've stated before, I tend to procrastinate. So it won't be a surprise when I tell you I spent an hour on the phone with three different customer service reps for three different reasons. I'll have to admit that two of the three calls went fairly well, but the third left me scratching my head.

The first call was to Phillips. We bought a Phillips Avent monitor when Pauly was born and I loved it but, after 9 or 10 months of use the rechargeable battery wouldn't keep a charge for more than 3 hours. The low battery beeping would wake me in the middle of the night so I stopped using it. I wanted to purchase a replacement but every store I went to didn't sell one. They all advised me to contact Phillips to get it. I had every intention of doing it but after a week this task was left on the back burner. Then Riley was born and when she started sleeping in her own crib it was just easier to borrow my sisters. Here's where things get frustrating. No matter where I plugged in her monitor, there was always static. Apparently she never had a problem with it so I took it as a sign to get off my ass and get mine fixed. Competing with static when your trying to sleep or watch TV is nerve wracking. So I finally called Phillips and told them what I needed. They didn't have any batteries in stock but my monitor was still under warranty so they went and shipped me a whole new monitor! It's just as good as the last and now I can watch Grey's Anatomy without background noise :)

The second call was made to Bell. It was an easy fix to my bill but one that shouldn't have happened. We'll see how things go next month.

The third was a call to Apple. I've only had my phone for 2 months but for some reason my USB cable stopped working. They were going to replace it at no cost but it took them three attempts to get it right. The first part was the wall adapter that the cable plugs into. The second was a USB video cable. Then finally after a third phone call I got the regular USB. Now I don't have to share one cable between my iPhone and iPad.

When I was about 8 months pregnant with Riley I was having my usual dental check up. My Hygenist noticed something peculiar and asked me to come back ASAP after the baby was born so she could take some x-rays. I did and the culpurate was two impacted wisdom teeth (I only had two btw). Since I wasn't in any discomfort and there were no cavities, we both agreed to wait a while before proceeding. So about a month ago I had my consult and two weeks after that I went in for the surgery. I was a little nervous since I'd never been under general anesthesia but it went surprisingly well. I think the worst part of it was getting the IV. When I woke up I wasn't in any pain. I wasn't groggy, sleepy or quezzy in any way. I was sent home with antibiotics and Tylenol #3. I took the Tylenol for the rest of that day since I wasn't able to nurse for 8 hours following. The next day my face was swollen but the pain was minimal. I resorted to ibuprofen twice a day for two days then didn't need anything after that. As of now my jaw is a little tender but I'm able to eat and drink normally without pain.

The second event that deserves recognition is the fact that Riley has started crawling. She was exactly 9 months old when it happened. Unlike her brother, she started on her hands and knees but you can tell she just wants to get up and walk. In the last five days she's learned to move around on her hands and feet which is amusing to watch.

And finally...Pauly turned 2!  On his actual birthday we took him to Chuck e Cheese but this past weekend we celebrated with family and friends and it was a blast. We started off at the splash pad and then made our way back home for lunch, presents and cake. There wasn't a rain cloud in the sky and it wasn't too hot. Just perfect.

Fun at Chuck E Cheese
Riley getting ready to party 
Splash pad fun 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maternity Leave Gone Boring

For the last two weeks I've been wanting to blog but, I've got nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm very busy with the usual day to day chores. It's everything else that's non-existent. Or almost non-existent.

Now that the summer weather has appeared I feel like I should be doing more. Specifically, outdoor stuff. What kind of "stuff" is where I'm stuck. Sure the daily walks, trips to the park and such things are wonderful but I'm craving more. Every so often an event comes along (the opening of the splah pad for instance) and my excitement perks up, I get there, have a great time, the kids have a blast and it's over. Then I'm left with that hole to fill.

Cabin fever? Boredom? Whatever it is I think the solution is Carpe Diem, which is easier said than done. Epically when you've got a boy who's almost 2 and an 8 month old who is trying so hard to be mobile.

Then there's the infinite to do list. And it's conjoined twin, procrastination. Instead of inventing smart phones (don't get me wrong I love my iPhone), why can't someone invent smart laundry rooms. Ones where all you need to do is toss your dirty laundry in them and that's it. The sorting, loading and folding will all be done for you? Or how about a lawn and garden that chews up weeds the second they begin to germinate? And I could really use a Rosie around the house. Or at the very iRobot. But I really can't see myself paying $200+ for that fancy thing.

So onwards and upwards. Carpe Diem. Seize every oppertunity that you can. Leave the housework and daily chores for rainy days. And if you happen to stop by my place this summer, forgive me for the dust, dirty dishes, and weeds growing around every corner. It's because I've chosen to enjoy the finer things in life.