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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sock Fuzz

Today I was organizing the many pictures and videos I have (a task that is truly never ending) and I came upon this video that I shot a couple of weeks ago.  

I was getting Pauly ready for bed and that's when he discovered it...sock fuzz.  It just makes me laugh and I thought I'd share.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bathroom Bliss

This time around I'm going to forgo the hallmark-esk post and write about something I'm totally stoked about. You might recall that my upstairs bathroom was in need of a complete overhaul and although we (and by we I mean Paul) had gutted it awhile ago, this project was put on the back burner. If you need a refresher you can check it out here. Well...we've finally gotten back to it, yippy!

 We changed the layout and with that came some major replumbing and updating. Our home is 60+ years old so Paul and my father-in-law took the opportunity to replace the vent stack and some plumbing under the kitchen sink.

With that completed the new toilette was installed.
Simple dual flush

 The next step for us was buying the bathtub. We decided on a BainUltra and it came in two weeks ago.
Arrival of THE BainUltra

 It's a "drop-in" style tub so Paul had to build the box for it first.
Daddy teaching Pauly
Pauly helping daddy
Bain Frame

The tub is still sitting in our living room but I can hardly wait for my first Bain experience. You can count on reading about it but don't hold your breath. There's still so much left to do.