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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time...Where Are You?

I can't believe how fast Paul is growing. Not just in size but in strength and actions. Last week carried a few firsts for my little man. He had his first bath in the "big boy" tub. With mommy of course. In the baby tub he really hated being held with one hand while I tried to bathe him. He'd made it loud and clear by crying, and pushing against the bottom of the little tub with his feet. This not only caused him to be extra slippery, but his noggin banged against the back. So out of the small tub and into the big one. I am glade to report that I haven't had a crying baby in the bath for a few days! He seems to enjoy floating in the water and if he gets anxious, I just bring him close and he feels safe again.

He has also officially discovered his hands. In the past few weeks he has slowly learned how to put his hands in his mouth but, now he reaches for his toys...and puts them in his mouth. He enjoys lying on the floor with me while I offer him toys. He examines them with his eyes, reaches for them, and tries to eat them. It's sooooo much fun. And it's not just toys he tries to grab. Diaper changes have become a little more challenging. He now tries to grab his ummm....his diaper area. It's hilarious. At first I thought he was going for his feet but his hands haven't made it that far yet. Or his feet haven't made it that far up.

Paul can now also roll from his back. He's still perfecting it but, he rolls onto his side. Not as cute as the junk grab but I'm happy to see him move about.

And finally, Paul can now be propped up in the corner of the couch. He loves it! I've tried his Bumbo a few times but his head is still a little wobbly and I'm afraid he's going to lunge back and hurt himself. But I'm sure he'll grow into it soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Bigger

Yesterday Pauly turned 3 months old. Yippee! We celebrated by taking him to the Fall Fair and he had such a good time. He watched the parade, ate, slept and saw animals. Hey, what do you expect from the little guy! Oh, and his parents had a wonderful time too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Child of God

Last Sunday was Pauyl's baptism.

It was even more special than I thought because our little boy was the only child to be baptized that day. I loved it! A little selfish I know... It comes with living in a small town. I'm so used to having a bunch of kids being baptized at one time that when I found out he was going to be the only star of the day, I kinda jumped for joy...on the inside.

And to make things even better, Fr. Bob is an amazing priest. His "sermon" was from the heart and cheerful. And the cherry on top... he encouraged everyone to take as many photos as they wanted. The only caveat was "make sure everyone can see whats going on".

Pauly was in a great mood and I know he enjoyed every minute. He never fussed when he was anointed with oil and when he was baptized with water he smiled! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the Mill St. Crossing followed by dessert at our place. It was really nice to have all our close family there to celebrate. Hurray!