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Friday, December 25, 2009

15 Weeks Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is almost over and it's been a great couple days. It started with Christmas eve at my mom's. Turkey dinner with all the fixin's and then the good news of my pregnancy, followed by dessert. Everyone was happy for me & Paul and we answered all the usual questions, "When's the baby due?", "Do you know the sex yet?", "Are you going to find out?"... The night continued with opening presents and periodic questions about the baby. It felt great sharing the news with them.

The following morning started with Paul making me breakfast. We talked about how we would tell his parents later that day, and decided to use the photocopies of the ultrasound pictures. We got to my in-laws at about 3:30pm and were just sitting around talking. When everyone was settled in we started opening gifts. It took a little while to get through all the gifts but the very last ones were plain white envelopes for my father & mother in-law. Paul had them open the envelopes at the same time and they were quite surprised and very excited to become grandparents again. My sister in-law was really excited to become an aunt for the first time. And of course we answered the usual questions...again. Dinner and dessert came next with talk about the baby. It was a few hours since then before Paul got to tell his brother who is living out in British Columbia. He was happy too. It has been another great night and we are happy that our little secret is no longer a secret.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my dad but I'm not sure if I'll tell him then. I know he'll be happy for us but he's not one for expressing his feelings. We'll probably get a nod and "Oh that's good. You guys must be very happy. Congratulations." Either way it'll just make the rest of the day uncomfortable. It's a better idea if I tell him over the phone.
As for sharing the news with other people, Paul told his bosses and his best friend a few days ago. I'll be waiting until next week to tell anyone else.
And my lil' bean couldn't be happier. He/she is about the size of an apple with legs that are now longer than the arms. Elbows and knees are able to move more freely and the eyebrows and scalp hair have begun to grow. The eyes can now sense light behind the eyelids even though they are still fused shut, and in a few weeks my lil' bean will be able to hear my voice. This has definitely been a Christmas to remember.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

14 Weeks

I had my second appointment with my midwife this week, which included a follow up to the ultrasound I had last week. It seems the ultrasound looks normal and my blood work also looks fine, but I won't have a confirmation that everything is as it should be until my second round of blood work is done. The size of the baby is perfect for his/her gestational age, so my due date of June 16, 2010 is still a go. Overall I'm glad all is well in the baby world.

Another highlight this week was listening to my lil' bean's heart beat. I was ready this time and didn't put on any lotion. My midwife checked my blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing and my uterus by external palpation. Everything checked out so the next step was listening to the baby's heartbeat using the doppler. It took her about a minute to find it but when I heard that whoosh-whoosh, it was unmistakable.

I think I could have listened to it for hours. Paul & I were smiling and staring at each other while she checked the heart rate. 150 bpm which is perfect for his/her age. We talked briefly about registering at the hospital and how integrated the midwives were with the rest of the hospital staff. She answered the few questions we had and our visit was over. Yet again Paul & I were giddy as we left the building. We're so happy that our lil' bean is growing perfectly and staying out of trouble. I can't wait to see and listen to him/her again.

I know most people would have told family and friends about a new baby by now. Especially with all the good news we've been getting over the last couple of weeks, but we're waiting. Christmas is at the end of this week and we think it'll be the perfect time to spill the beans. And although I was ready to tell people at 13 weeks, I've been good at keeping my mouth shut. Besides, I don't think I'll be able to hide it past the next couple weeks. My lower abdomen is sticking out, and most of my pants don't fit comfortably any more. Not to mention the size of my chest. All the shirts I've been wearing for the last 3 or 4 weeks are new. I've got about 3 loose fitted sweaters that have been keeping me warm but that's about it. I'll probably pick up a belly band after Christmas and maybe that will help a bit.
But looking fat won't last for very long because my lil' bean just keeps on growing! He/she is now the length of a lemon and the joints are developed enough so that he/she is really moving around. Hands are grasping and his/her eyes are moving under the eyelids. Facial muscles are also giving him/her the ability to form expressions. Lanugo is beginning to form and the body will now be growing faster than the head. It won't be too long before I start feeling all this movement!

Friday, December 11, 2009

13 Weeks

I've been waiting 13 weeks for a chance to see my lil' bean and it was amazing! My first ultrasound was on tuesday and I loved it. It was part of the Nuchal Translucency screening so for Paul & I it was more of a reassurance that everything was going as it should.

Before the technician began, she told me she was going to go through the screening first, which would take about 30 minutes. Then she would call Paul in and we could have a quick look at the baby. I knew she wasn't going to give me any info about the baby so I planned on keeping my attention on her facial reactions until the end. As she started, I was anxiously waiting for the bad news. Her furrowed brows could only mean one thing to me and so I waited. And waited. She continued moving the probe along my abdomen and clicking her keyboard. Her eyes relaxed and she moved closer to the screen. And still I waited. I stopped looking at her soon after and my anxiety lifted a little. After all, if something were wrong she would at least be asking me questions.
I don't know how long it actually took but she finally said she was done with the screening and would be right back with Paul. I said "OK" and as she left the room I silently squealed for joy. It only took a moment and she was back with Paul. He stood next to me as she moved the screen so we could both see it. She then placed the probe on my abdomen and there was our lil' bean moving around. She pointed out the head, arms, heart (beating like a champ), and the legs. We saw some kicks and punches and then it was over. Luckily this will not be our last ultrasound and I can't wait to see him/her again. Until then, I've posted the two ultrasound pictures on the fridge.
At 13 weeks my lil' bean is about 3.5 inches crown to rump, about the size of a medium shrimp. The liver is now secreting bile and the pancreas, insulin. He/she can smile now and there are 20 teeth under those gums. The hands have started to open and close and the toes can now curl. The sucking reflex has started and no doubt he/she will start sucking his/her thumb. With that comes the swallowing of amniotic fluid and he/she is passing it in their urine. Vocal cords have started to develop along with finger and footprints. The eyes are starting to move closer together and the ears are practically in the right spot. Hopefully next week I'll be able to report that everything is moving along perfectly!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

12 Weeks

I've almost reached another milestone in my pregnancy. At the end of this week my first trimester will be over and as far as I can tell, no bad news to report. I've got my first ultrasound next week and I'm really excited about it.

Another exciting moment for me was my trip to the local Salvation Army. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but thought I might come across some treasures. And I use the word "treasures" quite loosely. Anyways, I found two books that I knew I wasn't leaving behind, especially since they were 25cents each! The first was "Our bodies, Ourselves Pregnancy and Birth" written by a collection of women regarded as The Boston Women's Health Book Collective. They even have a website. The second book was "Baby Bargains" written by Denise & Alan Fields. Now this one was from 2005 but at least I can get a good understanding of what's out there and if it's worth buying an updated copy. I had gone to Indigo and saw a few books I wanted but I didn't really want to spend all that money. And besides, most of the books I was looking at were available at the library. I think I'll stick to borrowing books unless I feel I have to have it, or if I find them for a good price.
My lil' bean is now the size of a lime and squirming about. The placenta has now taken over the production of progesterone which doesn't really affect me since I wasn't taking any form of supplements. He/she can now make a fist and put it's little thumb in it's mouth. The ears are now in place and the eyes are at the front of the head, although still far apart. My lil' bean is looking more and more human each week!